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SAP Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

Each of us is collaborating more often, increasingly mobile, and working on a schedule that enables us to connect more virtually..

Thoughtful leaders working in SAP solution environments step back and ensure that SAP Collaboration represents how the business works both in the short-term and going forward.

When SAP and Microsoft announced they are building integrations to Microsoft Teams across solutions many of us were inspired.  With the new reality of remote and hybrid work, the importance of holistic collaboration grows in importance.

Disparate information kept in silos and organized in ad-hoc ways becomes an impediment to performance and productivity. One of the hardest things to do is to keep Microsoft Teams and SharePoint along with the SAP portfolio organized so that the content is valuable to the users.

In order to elevate digital transformation, organizations must rethink how they address:
– Working Remotely
– Upskilling Employees
– Telling Customer Stories
– Deploying Communications
– Enabling Digital Supply Chains
– Re-positioning Products or Services
– Building Consortiums & Affinity Groups
– Ensuring Regulatory Compliance & Safety
– Developing Content & Information Architecture
– Increasing Demand Generation and Growing the Pipeline
– Scaling Revenue Objectives and Sales Operations Imperatives

Remove the Barriers by Collaborating and Enabling Knowledge Sharing

One of many examples exists between customers and sales, with key contributors including marketing, product teams, communications, pre-sales, and related key stakeholders.

For Industry 4.0, collaboration represents a core component successful business outcomes. The challenge is to recognize the need to optimize the information architecture and user experience, with a ONE CLICK goal to help users quickly gain access to the right information at the right time.

Here’s an interesting Account Executive example…

WSS can help you pinpoint which SAP Collaboration approach is best for your organization, and develop a Quick Start program to ensure rapid results and a longer term plan for continuity and success.