Go-to-Market Strategy and Execution

Driving Revenues in Support of the Emerging Business

How does your organization bring new and emerging products, solutions, and services to market?

What steps has your organization put in place to understanding and anticipate customers’ requirements and market trends so that key deliverables are prioritized.

What business processes should be in places to create new business opportunities?.

WSS Services address the following:

1. Vision, Strategy and Tactics – Know your customers’ customer

2. Gap Assessment – Understanding priorities, critical next steps, and how they impact the key owners and stakeholders

3. Executive Briefs and Presentations – Clearly, defining the target audience, market conditions, business issues, opportunities, and next steps

4. Center Point Clients – Replicating top engagements with key target accounts

5. Provocation & Pain Points – Creating a compelling value proposition which draws in the core team, stakeholders, and target audience towards actionable next steps which leads to the ultimate, desired outcome for short and longer-term results

6. Awareness and Communications – Developing a social business approach around communities, content, channels and campaigns

7. Results Driven Imperatives – Providing a project timeline around workstreams and key deliverables which are driven around a disciplined methodoly that ensures results

8. Measurabilty – Continuous improvement through key performance indicators (KPIs) and reporting


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