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Building a Global, Integrated SuccessFactors HR Services Model with SAP Jam

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Perhaps Bill McDermott, SAP CEO, said it best on a recent investor call that deploying an HR solution is a “more comprehensive decision” than just HR alone (i.e. WorkDay).

When you look at the importance of having a cloud platform including the digital core of “S/4HANA and the nucleus of the 21st Century Enterprise and all line of business (LoB) executives evolving their use of their individual LoB with the center of gravity, the data and the process of the company. You know, that’s game set match for SAP [and SAP SuccessFactors] (1).”

When assessing your organization’s HRIS program, my team and I find that the BEST RUN organizations consider how the HR Service Model, SAP Jam, and company-wide goals align to the business requirements Including: increasing HR operational process efficiency, reducing costs, and aligning HR to strategic revenue imperatives.

A ONE Company Approach
The integrated HR service delivery model works best with one single, holistic, core HR system which addresses:

  • Deploying one common employee data model
  • Improving people management and talent development
  • Reducing the time spent on HR transactional activities
  • Enabling better reporting for improved decision support

Successful companies develop a strategic HR value map (often with a 3+ year view) which identifies priorities, user cases (scenarios), and enables collaboration and communications.

Quantifying the Challenge
The numbers speak louder than words including a Dale Carnegie Training survey which outlines the drivers of employee engagement and highlights why it is critically important. This study was based on national representation of 1500 employees which found (2):

  • 11 Billion (USD) is lost annually to employee turnover
  • Companies with engaged employees outperform those without engaged employees by up to 202%
  • 71% of all employees are not engaged

While these numbers may vary proportionally in your organization the trends are alarming and every business leader and HR executive and manager is aware of their importance.  Providing the combination of HR and SAP Jam provides the ideal platform to engage employees and stakeholders.

Leaders, employees and contractors, managers, centers of excellence, and experts all have a common responsibility to work together and help achieve company goals, objectives, strategies, and execute tactically in support of a ONE company approach.

Too often there are silos, disparate unorganized information, barriers to cross-team engagement (internal & external to the organization), which impedes progress, creates roadblocks, and increases the risk of failure or inefficient processes — all of which impact the bottom– or top-line of the business.

When the best and brightest in our organizations work together with common goals, excellent communication and collaboration, more often successful outcomes are achieved along with continuous improvement.

Building the HR Service Model with SAP Jam
The business model is clear. Using SAP SuccessFactors for User Experiences, Reporting Systems, Talent Management, Core HR, and Technology increases the odds for enterprise-wide success (see Print Screen 1) and enables an organization’s ability to manage and grow its talent.

Print Screen 1: Building a Global, Integrated SuccessFactors HR Services Model with SAP Jam

Moving all the employee master data onto a single global system, to reduce complexity and deliver better data for analysis, provides a greater ROI (return on investment) and reduces the TCO (total cost of ownership) of the overall HRIS Global System.

While many customers deploy the entire HR suite and others implement a few modules (i.e. Learning, Performance & Goals) at a time… the BEST RUN companies leverage HR and SAP Jam Collaboration together:

  • Deploying enterprise-wide Learning & Development Academies or Universities
  • Ensuring HR communications and collaboration are in place to improve engagement with employees, contractors, and new hires (as well as internal/external stakeholders)
  • Replacing old or ineffective HR intranets / portals with SAP Cloud Platform &/or SAP Jam
  • Leveraging SAP Jam to reduce the risks and costs of implementations, adoption, and change management

The decision to deploy SAP Jam Collaboration with HR is very different than using disparate non-HRand non-business process related collaboration platforms such as Yammer, SharePoint, Jive, Chatter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, Connections and HR boutique throw-in collaboration and discussion boards.

SAP SuccessFactors (along with SAP SuccessFactors Foundation – formerly BizX) and SAP Jam provide a powerful, unified basis to grow talent and address strategic HR management. Together they provide a core set of capabilities centered around one global system of record, fine-tuned to meet local, enterprise, and business unit requirements.

HR leaders and HRIS management should always consider the bigger picture of a comprehensive enterprise HRIS Global System, along with consistent processes and employee data, in setting in place the most effective tools and resources which empower the workforce.

The Importance to HR Leaders
HR leaders have a growing responsibility of great importance = To optimize employees engagement, skills, work experiences and to stay ahead of technology developments which provide value to company-wide and individual KPIs, goals, objectives, and achievements (3).

Given the many changes which will happen from today to the year 2030 in the marketplace (i.e. Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Big Data, and Analytics) the choice is simple: stay up with the times or risk being left behind which can impact jobs and company success or failure.

The decisions made today will impact the next year and the next decade plus.

The times we live in are exciting and important. Those early adopters who pay attention to the strategic direction of their company’s leaders, along with marketplace conditions which impact employees and customers, will be in the best position to stay ahead.

When entrepreneurial visionaries like “Elon Musk Thinks AI Will Beat Humans at Everything by 2030,” it at least sends a signal that we must position our organizations and people to be ready for change and transition to new jobs, skills, and expectations which will affect us one way or another going forward.

Those who consider the BIG picture and make comprehensive HR decisions will be in the best position to (a) grow in their own jobs and careers, (b) help employees and stakeholders, and (c) provide the most value and impact to their organization.

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Richard D. Blumberg is a SAP Jam Practice leader who works with both SAP and SAP Services. He is the President of World Sales Solutions, LLC (WSS) ( providing 29+ years of thought leadership on a variety of “View from the Top” strategies including: Enterprise Social Business, Go-to-Market Strategies, Business Development, Talent Development, and Community Building.  He and his team are recognized SAP Jam global experts for implementations, innovation, and adoption.