Low-Code/No-Code Collaborative Platforms

Practical Solutions to a New Way of Business

What customer, partner, influencer, and employee groups do you work with that would benefit from a low-code/no-code collaborative business platform aligned to key business objectives?

What are the key revenue and employee related priorities that need to be identified and managed to ensure better ROI, productivity, and performance?

WSS helps organizations optimize business outcomes which benefit from one or more enterprise collaboration platforms including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, SAP Work Zone, Microsoft Power Apps, Microsoft Power BI, SAP Marketing Cloud, Contentstack, WordPress, and Adobe Experience Manager.

These platforms address cross-teams priorities related to sales, marketing, services, HR/learning/on-boarding and other innovation areas such as Procurement, Vendor, and Supply Chain Management.

WSS Services include:

  • Developing the plan, identifying the workstreams, and setting up governance
  • Supporting executive sponsors’ and business owners’ goals and objectives
  • Translating business requirements and processes to SAP Jam
  • Teaming with a core team and stakeholders who represent global and regional interests
  • Delivering platform development including creation and maintenance
  • Providing access to the community
  • Ensuring content is updated and sustainable
  • Communicating and building awareness via social media (i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing, Blogs, Mobile Apps) and traditional channels (i.e. newsletters, e-mail, etc.) to “amplify” key messages
  • Enabling contributions and moderation to encourage the community to become vibrant
  • Building and leveraging platforms for virtual event live streaming
  • Reporting key metrics and community activity
  • Ensuring continuity and momentum towards success
  • Deploying Quick Start Initiatives to accelerate revenues, productivity and collaborate with customers

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