Welcome to Our Company

World Sales Solutions, LLC (WSS) provides Business Development and SAP-centric Low-Code/No-Code Collaborative Platform implementation and adoption expertise to support customers and strategic partners in rising up to achieve their challenges.

WSS works with CEOs, Presidents, CFOs, Senior Vice Presidents and their teams, to provide front-line solutions and measurable results which impact revenue imperatives, innovation, and operational efficiencies.

The WSS team provides expertise in accelerating growth, value, and productivity working with internal and external cross-teams. Our ability to quickly learn about your organization, people, customers, compelling business issues, products, solutions, industries, and services sets us apart.

This expertise can also be applied to job seeking by way of the new acclaimed book: Job Seeking Warriors available on Amazon.


Go-to-Market Delivery

Supporting key products, solutions, industries, services & strategic partnerships.

Customer Communities

Building access to important relationships, networks & executive councils.

Collaborative Platforms

Delivering practical solutions for performance, teamwork & communications success.

Change Management Best Practices

Transforming around compelling business priorities to support internal & external stakeholders.

Content & Communications

Enabling leaders & experts knowledge to accelerate success through multiple channels.

Graphics Design & User Experience

Visually-engaging design solutions to support business processes & key messages.

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