Customer Communities

Building Important Relationships To Grow Your Business

Your clients are your greatest asset. Typically a “smaller” number of top clients contribute to a “greater” portion of total revenues as well as success in adopting solutions.

How can you grow market share and revenue objectives with your clients? What feedback, insights, and business intelligence can they provide to support go-to-market and/or product roadmap objectives?

What market trends and competitive factors must be considered when building a client community or advisory board?

WSS works with senior executives and their teams to develop the 9 “C’s” of building “face-to-face” and “virtual” customer communities. These initiatives often include a Quick Start program and address:

  • Community Design – What are the goals and objectives of community in terms of vision, mission, values, attributes, ownership and key success factors?
  • Clarity – Creating an actionable written plan which is reviewed and updated on a regular basis
  • Commitment – Providing focus and support to stakeholders
  • Core Team – Supporting executive sponsors, project managers and the leadership team
  • Content – Prioritizing, developing and delivering outbound messages that cover the end-to-end information requirements
  • Communications – Prioritizing and delivering key messages
  • Channels – Prioritizing the vehicles for communicating key messages to customers, prospects, partners, employees and market influencers
  • Campaigns – Supporting key initiatives that over time maximize ROI, referencability and revenues.
  • Competition – Assess the alternative choices that may distract the community from taking shape


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