“Spotlight Interviews” and Research

Showcasing Key Success Factors and Best Practices

Who are the internal or external leaders, executives, experts, stakeholders, and peers who have a proven track record worth highlighting and replicating?

Can you point to one or more successes to help exemplify more successes? How can you scale and communicate wins, adoption, best practices, and lessons learned to large groups and audiences?

By “spotlighting” key success factors, best practices communities, and go-to-market campaigns you can bring important attention to examples that encourages the target audience to learn from and adopt.

World Sales Solutions provides an end-to-end service including:

  1. Building the plan with the executive sponsor, business owner(s), and stakeholders
  2. Researching the topic which may address solutions, products, industries, and services that impact customers, partners, influencer, leaders, and/or sales successes
  3. Developing questions, outlines, scripts, and storyboards
  4. Interviewing the respective subject(s) for the video or audio piece
  5. Delivering this asset to social media platforms and channels either through a 3rd party or via Apple tools such as Final Cut Express
  6. Communicating the end product via multiple communication and social media channels to the target audience
  7. Managing the process and to ensure key milestones and deliverables are achieved
  8. Encouraging collaboration so that multiple stakeholders can contribute


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